Dear Trond and all Cosmopharma leaders and konsulents,

All of you are wholeheartedly welcome, with a warm hug and with a lot of love!

As you may know, our result oriented products are based on 7 P’s:

Prominent innovative formulating approach.

Patented exclusive technologies.

Pharmaceutical multi generational experience and knowhow.

Plant extracts which are in house processed.

Proven safety in accordance with EU regulations.

Perceivable results.

Problem solving.

Dr. David Melumad is recognized as the leading pioneer in the implementation of the unique skin and hair therapy properties of Dead Sea Black Mud and Minerals in cosmeceutical products.

We’ve known Matthildur and Niklas for many years. Their indisputable credibility and the unique supporting atmosphere in A’vera are only two of the many reasons why joining A’vera was your best choice.

With a lot of excitement, we are looking forward to introduce you all our new products, to continuously share with you our knowledge, to offer you our personal support and to accompany you hand in hand to reach together new heights.

Wishing all of us good luck and much success

Zippi, Michal and David.

Den 1 oktober startar vårt samarbete med Trond Glommen och alla er.

Ni är alla hjärtligt välkomna!

Vi välkomnar Trond Glommen och alla konsulenter från Cosmopharma med glädje och värme!

Vi säljer Dr. Melumads produkter, och ni kan känna er trygga med att att alla våra konsulenter och ledare kommer att hjälpa er på alla sätt vi kan.

Vi har:

  • Ett unikt marknadssystem.
  • Produkter i världsklass.
  • Personlig service.

Vill ni veta mer, ta kontakt med någon av nedanstående personer:

Trond Glommen,
Matthildur Jansson,

Hjärtligt välkomna till oss!

Matthildur, Trond & familjen Melumad.